“I so enjoyed reading about Amanda’s amazing journey as a child adopted from Paraguay and her quest to learn the truth about her roots. I also admired how she used the challenges of being different from those around her while growing up to become someone who can see things with an exceptional perspective and is committed to creating changes for the better. Learning as a Lifelong Journey is a true gift to readers looking to make positive changes in their own lives.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar,
PhD and Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place

“Amanda Mottola has that rare gift of not letting anything stand in the way of creating her destiny on her terms. Despite questions about her past as an adopted immigrant child, she has overcome the odds, developed self-awareness and wisdom, and now shares her gifts to help make the world better for everyone she comes in contact with. Learning as a Lifelong Journey will have you embracing your own journey with renewed vigor and hope.”

— Patrick Snow,
Publishing Coach and International Bestselling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

“As a proud lifelong learner myself, Amanda’s approach to leadership resonates with me. In this book, you get to dig in on important topics like being vulnerable, being purposeful, embracing course correction, and more. Make sure your notebook is close by because you will be grabbing great actionable ‘gems’ along the way.”

— Cortney Nicoleta,
President & CEO of United Way of Rhode Island

“It’s been an amazing experience to witness Amanda’s growth as a businessperson, a mom, and someone truly dedicated to making a difference in this world. We are all fortunate to share in her unique observations and practical experiences by absorbing this comprehensive book!”

— Don Fertman,
Subway Chief Development Officer (Retired) and Phoenix Chairman of the Board

“Amanda is a determined woman who has set out to better understand life and how she can inspire others to succeed. Learning as a Lifelong Journey will inspire purposeful living in all who read it.”

— Fernando Pfannl,
Former Paraguayan Ambassador

“Amanda is an amazing inspiration for all of us in her commitment to growth while achieving success. Her unique experiences, coupled with deep insights, create a resource for those seeking to overcome challenges while challenging themselves and others to be the best they can be. This is a valuable read for everyone as we continue our collective and independent journeys toward personal and professional fulfillment.”

— Salvatore F. Menzo,
EdD, Superintendent of Goodwin University Magnet School System
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