I am an entrepreneur, motivation coach, author, philanthropist, CEO & Founder of Otraway, a promotional marketing agency and Freestyle Football Club, a freestyle soccer booking agency.

As the author of the motivational leadership book, Learning as a Lifelong Journey: Being Your Leader, Overcoming Your Fears & Succeeding in Your Career, I believe you can hop off the hamster wheel of social norms and be whatever you want to be and do what brings you passion and joy!

I can help you discover the life you desire and be your best self. I can't wait to welcome you into the Buena Vida (Good Life), you deserve it!

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90 Day Program

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You need a coach if..

You Own a Business Or Want To Start a Business

you are changing careers

you are adopted and feel lost

you are a parent and need help with a work life rhythm

you have a goal you want to crush but aren't seeing results

you are feeling unfulfilled in your job, relationship or personal life

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